What Happens When Your Sewer Backs Up

Sewer problems are so common in households that the most important professional you would be hiring for your house care could even be a plumber. Out of the large number of problems, there is this one drainage problem which can lead to a whole big mess in your house, and a mess you would never want or want to deal with. When a sewer backs up all the waste water which is supposed to get drained out of the house, instead of going in the sewer line, it comes out from the sewer system.

Sewer Cleaning Service
Sewer Cleaning Service

How It Happens 

Sewer backups don’t just happen in a day, first your sewer will drain water slowly and pooling will be seen in your sink or bathroom. This happens when. If this problem occurs in only one pipe then the problem is minor and can be easily solved by you yourself. But if the slow drainage problem is seen in all the pipes of your household then this isn’t a minor issue and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. 

Sewer backup can happen due to many reasons, it can be due to the reasons not in your hand to control. And sometimes due to your mistake as well. 

The Reasons Behind Sewer Backup Could Be – 

  • Soil Settlement:

    Soil can settle around the city’s sewer system which is not under your control and not your responsibility to get it fixed but can still create great problems in your house. 
  • Tree Roots:

    Tree roots are one of the common problems people living in the city side face. Trees can enter the pipes and grow in or around them and can lead to clogging of your drainage system. This problem needs to be resolved before the tree roots cause major damage to the pipes. 
  • Irregular Cleaning:

    Due to not taking care of your pipes and them staying un-cleansed for a long time can lead to drains backing up and the waste pooling in your bathroom. 
  • Disposing Fat and Grease:

    Disposing off liquids such as fats and grease down your drainage is a very very bad idea. This should be done as these fats stick to the pipes and make the waste water hard to pass from the passage. This can lead to full blockage of your drainage system too.

How to Solve The Problem 

Sewer drainage is not a small problem which will go by itself. If you notice small  sewer backups, acting on them as fast as possible is really necessary. Don’t wait for the problem to expand and clean the pipelines yourself whichever are facing drainage problems. If the problem has already became an issue, calling a Plumber Bronte expert would be always suggested. 

Identifying the reason behind the Back up can be done and acted upon. Once you know the problem it will be easier to know whether it can be solved without the plumbing professional’ s help or not.

Correcting The Issues

Identify the issue that lead to the sewer back up and correct these to prevent it from happening again. Ask your plumber about the problems and be woke about your own house. Get regular checks done of your drainage system and avoid the things that lead to the backing up for another day someday would be wasted in dealing with your sewer, not to forget about the amount of money you spent on it. 

Sewer back ups can be messy, the pooling of waste water and dripping of it our of your sewer can make your day and mood off, so following the necessary measures, consulting plumbing expert time to time and getting your systems checked, avoiding things that harm your pipes and taking full charge of your own house is all you need.